Nov 10, 2011

Pending Trade

A trade is pending between the Red Hawks and the Rabid Penguins:

TO RED HAWKS: 2012 2nd Round Rookie Draft Pick

Since this is the first trade we are dealing with, here is a quick summary of how this works:
1) From now until 1:15pm on Friday, anyone may offer either owner a trade for the players/picks involved in this trade. Either owner may cancel this pending trade for one of the new offers. BOTH managers must email the League by 1:15pm tomorrow if a new trade has been agreed to.
2) From 1:15pm Friday-1:15pm Saturday, the owners not involved in the trade will vote via email for or against the trade. If you do not vote, it is assumed you approve the trade. If 5 owners vote against the trade, it is vetoed. Otherwise, the trade will be complete.

So let the fun begin!

Oh...and another note...any other trades must be complete, with ALL owners emailing the league the details of the trade, by 8:19pm tonight (the kickoff of Week 10). Trades will not be allowed starting at 8:20pm tonight until 8am on March 10, 2012.

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