Sep 28, 2011

Wednesday Waiver-Wire: Week 4

A busy week on the waiver wire with a little competition and a flurry of moves. Here is the summary of winning bids:

Annihilating Angels:
Stevan Ridley, NE RB: 5yrs, $.25
Bernard Scott, CIN RB: 1yr, $.50
Jason Hansen, DET K : 1yr, $.25
Dan Bailey, DAL K : 5yrs, $.25

Anthony Armstrong, WAS WR
Andre Roberts, ARI WR
Matt Prater, DEN K

To IR:
Jamaal Charles, KC RB

Lehman Demons:
Torrey Smith, BAL WR: 4yrs, $2
Nate Washington, TEN WR: 1yr, $3

Steve Smith, PHI WR
Braylon Edwards, SF WR

Sep 25, 2011

No previews this week

Due to extraordinary and unforeseen events, there will be no Week 3 previews posted. Sorry to disappoint.

Sep 22, 2011

Rosters & Contracts: Through Week 2

The contracts files have been updated to reflect all roster moves through Week 2. Roster moves that have been made since Monday are not included on this report.

Click here to view the Google Doc of the contracts.

Sep 21, 2011

Wednesday Waiver-Wire: Week 3

Only 1 waiver bid this week, submitted by the Angler Pigs:

Add: TE Fred Davis, WAS
Drop: TE Brent Celek, PHI

The contract bid was 1 year, $0.25.

All remaining players are now free agents and can be picked up until their NFL game this weekend. Just a reminded players picked up as free agents are automatically signed to 1-year, $1 contracts.

Sep 16, 2011

Week 2 Previews

Red Hawks vs Rabid Penguins
Coming off one of the four 100 point performances in Week 1, the Red Hawks are looking for a win in their division opener when they play the cellar-dweller Rabid Penguins. Had these two teams played last week, the Red Hawks would have won by nearly 40 points. Both teams' wide receiving corp has major injury questions though, with Brandon Lloyd and Dez Bryant possibly out for the Red Hawks, and Hakeem Nicks perhaps not playing on Monday night for the Rabid Penguins. Since Nicks does not play until Monday, he has an extra day of rest and could produce for Ryan. Furthermore, it can be expected that Ben Roethlisberger will have a game much different than last week,  when he turned the ball over 5 times. RB Peyton Hillis also has a strong match-up against the Colt's porous defense.  This one is much closer than it may look from the standings.

Yahoo Prediction: Red Haws win 90.00-84.04
Drew's Prediction: The Rabid Penguins win

Players to Watch:
Red Hawks: WRs Brandon Lloyd and Dez Bryant
The Rabid Penguins: QB Ben Roethlisberger

Red Dragons vs Lehman Demons
This game will make a winner out of one of these winless teams in this divisional show down. Last week, the Red Dragons scored more points, but not by much. Both teams are expected to light up the scoreboard this week, with 12 of the 18 active players projected in double digits. Neither team has too many injury concerns and favorable match-ups can be found on both rosters. Particularly interesting will be PIT RB Rashard Mendenhall and the Steelers' DST for the Lehman Demons. Like Roethlisburger, a big day could be coming with the Steelers having a huge chip on their shoulder from being embarrassed by the Ravens in Week 1.

Yahoo Prediction: Lehman Demons win 113.41-103.80
Drew's Prediction: Lehman Demons win

Players to Watch:
Red Dragons: QB Phillip Rivers
Lehman Demons: RB Rashard Mendenhall

Ferocious Foxes vs Annihilating Angels
Week 1 was a dream come true for one of these owners and a nightmare for the other. The Annihilating Angels look to rebound after an embarrassing Week 1 loss. It will be interesting to see how the star RBs in this non-divisional match-up fair this week. Chris Johnson for the Foxes and Jamaal Charles for the Angels both underachieved in Week 1 and neither have the best match-ups heading into Week 2. If one of these elite backs gets back on track, they could propel their team to a win. If they both flop, the Foxes will be favored to win with significant advantages in the QB and WR positions.

Yahoo Predictions: Ferocious Foxes win 95.60-89.64
Drew's Prediction: Ferocious Foxes win

Players to Watch:
Ferocious Foxes: RB Chris Johnson
Annihilating Angels: RB Jamaal Charles

Dogs of War vs Mike's Big Dawgs
The battle of the canines will be an interesting match-up for sure. The Dogs of War picked up the win last week, but actually scored less than the 0-1 Big Dawgs. The winner of this match up will rule the pound, at least until Week 13 when they meet again. Green Bay will be the pro team to watch for this match-up, with QB Aaron Rodgers leading Mike's Big Dawgs, with a Green Bay WR on each team. If Rodgers tosses mostly to Greg Jennings, the advantage will go to the Dogs of War, since a receiving yard is worth more than a passing yard. However, if Jordy Nelson gets the catches, it may be hard for the Dogs of War to keep pace. The Big Dawgs will also be looking forward to the return of RB Arian Foster, who has the largest contract in the League yet did not play last week.

Yahoo Prediction: Mike's Big Dawgs 91.26-88.39
Drew's Prediction: Mike's Big Dawgs

Players to Watch:
Dogs of War: WR Greg Jennings
Mike's Big Dawgs: WR Jordy Nelson

Angler Pigs vs White Star Fleet
The number 1 and 2 teams in the League clash in an early battle for dominance, both in the League and the division. Combined, these two teams scored over 245 points and won by nearly 111 points. Adding to the pressure is the ever present Montreuil-Eggleston rivalry. With the Montreuil brothers both notching victories against his sons last week, Keith is looking to "regain the family honor". Despite the fascinating back story, it does not look overly favorable for the Angler Pigs. The RBs for the Angler Pigs stunk like a sty last week, while White Star Fleet enjoyed dominate performances from the RB positions. If the Angler Pigs do not get big performances across the board, it may be tough to get this victory. White Star Fleet scored about 15 points more than the Angler Pigs last week. Give those RBs a couple touchdowns though, and that 15 point gap may have quickly disappeared. Both teams have solid WR corps and elite QBs. It will be fun watching QB Drew Brees battle Chicago, the top defense from Week 1 for the Angler Pigs and QB Mick Vick's return to Atlanta for White Star Fleet.

Yahoo Prediction: White Star Fleet wins 103.78-78.49
Drew does not predict his own games.

Players to Watch:
Angler Pigs: RBs LaGarette Blount and Shonn Green
White Star Fleet: QB Mick Vick

Sep 14, 2011

Wednesday Waiver-Wire: Week 2

Only 2 waiver bids were submitted this week, both for the same player. The Red Hawks had the higher bid and are awarded:

RB Carnell Williams, $1, 5 years = total value: $7.5

All remaining players are now free agents and can be picked up until their NFL game this weekend. Just a reminded players picked up as free agents are automatically signed to 1-year, $1 contracts.

Sep 13, 2011

Waiver Reminder

Just a reminder...waiver bids are due on Wednesday by noon! You MUST email your bid to the league email address ( the AT with an @) with the highest total bid winning the player. And remember- no penalty caps this year for dropping players. I will process the list as quickly as I can and post the winning bids here. Once the waivers are posted, all players are free agents and will be signed to 1 year-$1 contracts should they be picked up.

Week 1 Recap

The first week of the Fantasy Season is in the books, and it was a wild week for sure! Surprises were common and a few records were set that may end up standing for a while. So, without further ado, here is a game-by-game breakdown of Week 1:

Angler Pigs over Annihilating Angels, 114.98-47.24
It was, in his own words, a "disappointing start to a dynasty" for Kyle. His team name would have better fit its performance if it was "Annihilated Angles", losing to the Angler Pigs by a whopping 67.74 points- a record that may stand for a while. Kyle's QB, Tony Romo and two RBs, Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles all had mediocre point totals for names of that caliber. The rest of the team was even more disappointing, with 4 starters scoring 2 or fewer points, with one of them, the Kansas City DST scoring -4. On the flip side, the Angler Pigs dominated with impressive 20+ point days from QB Drew Brees, WR Wes Welker and free-agent pick up DST Houston. One glaring flaw in the Angler Pigs would be the running backs, which only scored a combined 4.8 points. If the RBs pick their game up, the Pigs may need to be Feared, as Drew so commonly proclaims!

Red Hawks over Lehman Demons, 101.5-76.15
A strong running back core led Mitch to an easy victory over Dave's Demons, aided in part by the epic collapse of the Pittsburgh Steelers against Baltimore. Dave's Steelers players, RB Rashard Mendenhall and the DST scored a -3.5 points combined, with the usually stalwart Steelers D scoring -6. The outcome would have been much different had the Steelers, along with QB Matt Ryan shown up, as the rest of the his team performed well. Interestingly, Mitchells' top player, LeSean McCoy, scored over 25 points on just 17 touches. If McCoy gets the ball even more in future weeks, he could lead Mitch to an impressive season.

White Star Fleet over Red Dragons, 130.84-87.5
The game with the most pre-game smack talk lived up to its billing with the highest combined score of the week, another record that could stand for a while. In the end, Keith used strong Monday Night performances from Oakland RB Darren McFadden and K Sebastian Janikowski and Miami WR Brandon Marshall to run up the score, having already secured the victory. Despite adding 42.5 points on Monday Night and scoring an amazing 130.84 was not enough for Keith. He was quick to point out there was no stat category for field goals over 60 yards, referencing Janikowski's record tying 63 yard field goal. Meanwhile, the Red Dragons did not have any break out stars, or any big busts. Not real exciting, but on most weeks, it may get the job down. Add in some break out performances, and something special could happen.

Ferocious Foxes over Mike's Big Dawgs, 111.57-98.24
This was a very fascinating and dramatic match-up to watch, with even more story-lines than meets the eye. Despite the obvious RB Arian Foster drama and K Nate Kaeding injury, resulting in a goose-eggs for two position, Mike was leading Fantasy Rookie Maria well into the second half of the New England-Miami game Monday night, which was the final football to be played for this matchup. Of course, this match would have not even been close had Maria played Baltimore's DST, which was benched based on a terrible piece of advice from a certain husband. Tom Brady effectively took over the drama of the match with his own drama, posting a week best 32.64 points, mostly in the second half. Unfortunately, someone had to lose this matchup, but neither owner should be unhappy. Mark week 11 on your calendars, when these two meet again.

Dogs of War over The Rabid Penguins, 92.98-66.17
We end this preview where we started: a Montreuil brother beating up on an Eggleston brother. Though Ryan did better than Kyle, and Scott did not quite match Drew, this was still a rather lospided match. Ryan only had 2 players in double-digits, compared to Scott's 5. One would think that QB Ben Roethlisberger and the New Orleans DST will score Ryan more than a combined 3.5 points each week, so he should not panic too much. Scott's Dogs of War had a bit more of the big game performance that Steve lacked, but still did not see any player top 20 points. He could end up being another consistent, but quiet winner week in and week out.

Sep 7, 2011

The Season Awaits

It is now the day before the start of the season. All contracts have been submitted, and the League is ready for some football. A couple quick reminders:

- Once a game starts, players from those teams are LOCKED until the end of the waiver process next Wednesday.
- Rosters must have 23-25 players on them by the time the first game starts each week.
- When you are playing the Angler Pigs, you will lose.
- Check the blog OFTEN. This is where lists of Waiver Wire wins will be listed, along with other league news, stories, etc.

Sep 5, 2011

Injured Reserve

If you wish to place a player on the Injured Reserve, you may drop them from your Yahoo team. You MUST notify the League (via email, of course) that the player has been moved to the IR. A list of players on the league IR will be kept on the FAQ page.