Jul 22, 2012

The Season is Around the Corner

Welcome back to Football! It is late July, and there is a lot to do before our season can get under way...so let's get started. Here is a list of things we need to do, in the order they need to be done:

1. Designate Franchise and Transition tags
2. Resolve holdouts
3. Finalize offseason rosters
  • Make sure all teams are within salary cap
  • Process renegotiated holdouts, tags
  • Trades may occur after this point
4.  Rookie Draft
5. Assign restricted free agents
6. Free Agent Auction (pay dues)
7. Finalize preseason rosters

The first game is Sept. 5, so we have about 6 weeks to do these steps. The Free Agent auction is a live, in-person event and should be held in mid-late August. How does AUGUST 25 sound? Prizes from last year will be awarded at that event and dues for this season will be paid then.

PLEASE join the league if you have not yet. You have an email invitation and will start receiving daily invites until you join.

PLEASE check in by replying to this post and/or emailing me. Once everyone has signed on for this year, we can get started with the offseason activities!

Those of you at Casowasco for the summer-- how long will you be at Camp this year, and what days work best for deadlines? (IE: If you have Saturdays off and can do your holdouts, I will make the deadline for that on a Sunday...)

Feb 18, 2012

New Schedule

It dawned on me over the past couple of weeks that it might be nice to know where the NFL players will be playing in 2012 before we start making decisions about our rosters and contracts.

And so, unless anyone objects, the start of the Year 2 will be postponed. I will draft up a new schedule sometime in the coming weeks, but we probably will push everything off until late March or early April, just before the Rookie Draft.

In the mean time...if anyone has any other proposals (such as the Rookie Wage Scale....you know who  you are...), feel free to submit them.

Jan 25, 2012

Playoff Seeding Proposal: PASSED

The proposed amendment, "Playoff Seeding", has passed. Here is the vote break down:

For- 6
Against- 0
Abstain (counts as against)- 4

Jan 17, 2012

PROPOSAL: Playoff Seeding

VOTING BEGINS: 1/23/2012, 7AM
VOTING ENDS: 1/25/2012, 7AM
DESCRIPTION: This proposal will adjust our Constitution to match Yahoo's tie-breaking procedures. Yahoo does not allow their tie-breakers to be edited, making changes to our Constitution necessary.

VII. Playoffs
The league has been broken up into two divisions.  The winner of each division will automatically be in the playoffs.  There will be two wild cards that may come from either division. The 4 playoff teams will be seeded based on their regular season record. The playoffs will take place in weeks 15 and 16 of the NFL regular season.

----- Remove -----
A) Tie-breakers
1) Head-to-head
2) Division record
3) Point differential
4) Record in last 5 games
5) Coin Toss

----- Replace with -----
A) Division Winner Tie-breakers:
   1) Division winning percentage.
   2) Total fantasy points (season total).
   3) Fantasy points scored in the last week of the league's regular season.
   4) Fantasy points scored in the second-to-last week of the league's regular season.
   5) The comparison continues until the tie is broken or no more weeks remain to compare. 
   6) Coin toss

B) Wild Card and Seeding Tie-breakers: 
   1) Same as above, except (1) Division winning percentage is not used.

Jan 16, 2012

Offseason Updates

This post is quite overdue....but here are some year-end and off-season pieces of news, some of which need to be addressed by the League as a whole.

Season 1 Wrap Up:
First off, congratulations to Dave and his Lehman Demons on being crowned the first Dynasty Warriors Champion after defeating Mike's Big Dawgs by less than 10 points in the Championship! Here is an outline of the payouts for this year's winners:

Champion: Dave, $25
Runner-Up: Mike, $10
Third-place: Keith, $5
Highest Single-Week Score: Dave, $5 (155.18 points, week 2)

Winners will be contacted shortly about receiving their prize(s).

The Final Standings of the League are as follows. (The reverse of these standings will be the rookie-draft order):
1- Lehman Demons (Dave)
2- Mikes Big Dawgs (Mike)
3- White Star Fleet (Keith)
4- Angler Pigs (Drew)
5- Ferocious Foxes (Maria)
6- Red Hawks (Mitch)
7- Dogs of War (Scott)
8- Red Dragons (Steve)
9- The Rabid Penguins (Ryan)
10- Annihilated (oops...Annihilating, I mean) Angles (Kyle)

Constitution Changes:
Now is the time for changes to the Constitution to be enacted. There has to be at least one change, as we have not yet established a rookie contract scale. Here is a reminder of the process to be followed for Constitutional Changes:
VIII. League Changes
After the completion of the Fantasy Championship up until 2 weeks after the Super Bowl, changes may be made to this charter, the league, managers and team names. These changes may only take place during this time. Changes to team names may be made without a vote from the league. Everything else will require a league vote.
                A) Process
At any point during the aforementioned time period, a proposal may be submitted to the league. Proposals require two endorsements to come to a vote. 48 Hours after a proposal with the proper endorsements is brought forward, the vote shall commence. A ½ + 1 majority is required to for the proposal to pass. Absent votes shall be counted as “Nay”. Voting shall occur over a 48 hour period.
I will post any proposals that come forth on the blog in addition to emailing all managers. Please participate in these votes! If you have a proposal, both endorsers of the new proposal must email the League. If you wish to change your team name, just email the League and it will be done. If anyone does not wish to continue to this League...I will cry and pout and whine until you change your mind...so just don't even go there!

The New Season:
Season 2 of the League will being at 8am on Monday, February 20th. Any changes to the Constitution will go into effect at that time. At or around that time, I will publish updated rosters, a list of players than may be tagged (Franchise or Transition) and how much they cost, as well as a list of hold outs. Rosters will be open to making changes. Cap Penalties will begin to be counted as our special First Year rules expire. More details on this process will come in a couple of weeks...or just check the Constitution.

Any questions, shoot me an email.