Oct 30, 2011

Mid Season All-Star Teams

Half way through the regular season, here are the first and second team All-Stars based on total fantasy points so far this year:

First Team:
QB- Aaron Rodgers, 180.94, Mike's Big Dawgs
RB- Matt Forte, 127.10, Red Hawks
RB- Adrian Peterson, 124.10, Annihilating Angels
WR- Calvin Johnson, 127.90, Lehman Demons
WR- Wes Welker, 119.10, Angler Pigs
WR- Mike Williams, 103.80, Angler Pigs
TE- Jimmy Graham, 97.40, White Star Fleet
K- John Kasay/Jason Hanson (tie), 75.00, Angler Pigs/Annihilating Angels
DST- Baltimore, 104.00, Ferocious Foxes

Second Team:
QB- Drew Brees, 149.04, Angler Pigs
RB- Fred Jackson, 124.00, Lehman Demons
RB- LeSean McCoy, 117.20, Red Hawks
WR- Steve Smith, 98.40, Ferocious Foxes
WR- Greg Jennings, 97.70, Dogs of War
WR- Dwayne Bowe, 74.80, Dogs of War
TE- Rob Gronkowski, 70.47, Lehman Demons
K- Mason Crosby, 73.00, Dogs of War
DST- New York Jets, 98.00, Dogs of War

Oct 27, 2011

Help Wanted (needed)

In case you haven't noticed, my ability to keep up with everything is slowly dwindling. No surprises there really. So, I am looking for 2 people to help me out:

1. Records Keeper- responsible for keeping the Record Book up-to-date
2. Contract Guru- responsible for keeping the Contracts file up to-to-date

I will still do these when I can, but I need someone to back-me-up on busy weeks...like this one.

Please respond here if you want to help!

Wednesday Waiver Wire- Week 8

Only one waiver bid this week:

The Rabid Penguins:
Jason Hill, WR JAX: 1yr, $2.50

To IR:
K Garret Heartly

Oct 19, 2011

Wednesday Waiver-Wire: Week 7

A bit of waiver drama this week, with a submission coming in at 11:59am, forcing a calculation:

Annihilating Angels:
Andy Dalton, QB CIN: 5yrs, $0.50
Carson Palmer, QB OAK: 5ys, $0.25 (Total value: $3.75)

QBs Curtis Painter and Rex Grossman

Angler Pigs:

Carson Palmer, QB OAK: 1 yr, $2 (Total value: $2)

Oct 16, 2011

Week 6 Predictions

No full previews this week...just predictions:

Angler Pigs vs Lehman Demons:
Yahoo: Lehman Demons win, 109.46-99.70
Drew: No pick

Ferocious Foxes vs Dogs of War:
Yahoo: Ferocious Foxes win, 103.16-96.05
Drew: Ferocious Foxes

Red Hawks vs Mike's Big Dawgs:
Yahoo: Mike's Big Dawgs, 101.75-88.72
Drew: Mike's Big Dawgs

White Star Fleet vs Annihilating Angels:
Yahoo: White Star Fleet wins, 103.43-82.38
Drew: White Star Fleet

Red Dragons vs The Rabid Penguins:
Yahoo: The Rabid Penguins win, 90.67-84.34
Drew: The Rabid Penguins

Yeah I know...all the same as Yahoo this week....

Last week:
Yahoo: baaaad (1-3)
Drew: terrrrrible: (0-4)

Yahoo: 6-9 (0.400)
Drew: 5-7 (0.417)

Oct 14, 2011

Some IR Moves

Annihilating Angels:
To IR:
QB: Chad Henne
WR: Danny Amendola

Oct 12, 2011

Wednesday Waiver-Wire: Week 6

Quiet week on the waivers, with only one team bidding.

Angler Pigs:
Jackie Battle, KC RB: 5yrs, $4
Ernest Graham, TB RB: 1 yr, $1.25

TE Mercedes Lewis
Arizona DST

Oct 10, 2011

Contracts Errors

It appears that the last updating of the contracts file was unsuccessful and it is full or errors. I am not sure how this happened, but it probably has to do with too many copies of the same files and I accidentally updated an old version. Hmm...

I'm looking into the problem and will get it fixed as soon as possible. Kudos to those of you who are keeping your own records!

Oct 8, 2011

Week 5 Previews

For the second week in a row, there will be only cross-divisional match ups as Division 1 and Division 2 face off. Last week, Division 2 completed the clean sweep, sending all of Division 1 on losing streaks. Division 1 is looking for revenge this week.

Red Hawks (2-2, 0-2) vs Red Dragons (0-4, 0-3)

One of these owners will live true to their name and be seeing red after this week. A Red Hawks win would help Mitch keep pace with the division leaders, but would send Steve to a dismal 0-5. On the other hand, if Steve manages to pull out a win, Mitch will certainly not be happy. The first Bye Week does not seem to have a major impact on either team and both teams are healthy. The odds therefore will have to favor Mitch. Until Steve gets a win, there is not much reason to think he will in a healthy, even match like this.

Yahoo Prediction: Red Hawks win 93.76-85.83
Drew's Prediction: Red Hawks win

Players to Watch:
Red Hawks: RB LeSean McCoy- Going against a less than great Bill's defense could lead to a big day in what could be a shootout.
Red Dragons: QB Eli Manning- If Eli has a big day against the abysmal Seahawks, Steve could pull off the upset.

The Rabid Penguins (2-2, 1-2) vs Annihilating Angels (1-3, 0-2)

The Eggleston brothers go head to head this weekend as they both try to give their team a jump. Sitting in 4th place in their respective divisions, the loser of this match up will have even more work to do to salvage their season. Both teams are hit rather hard by the Bye Week, making this an even more intriguing and hard to predict match-up. As of Saturday morning, Ryan had not yet set his lineup, throwing Yahoo's prediction off. For that reason, it has not been included.

Yahoo Prediction: N/A
Drew's Prediction: Annihilating Angels wins

Players to Watch:
The Rabid Penguins: WR Eric Decker- With 5 total touchdowns already this year, Decker is a huge breakout player and can make a difference in the win-loss column.
Annihilating Angels: QB Curtis Painter- Painter looked respectable last week and faces a Chief's team that could allow him to have his first big day as a pro.

Lehman Demons (2-2, 2-0) vs Dogs of War (2-2, 1-1)

The Dogs of War come limping into this matchup with injuries to the top of Scott's RB and WR corps. Last week, the injury to RB Beanie Wells did not seem to slow him down, but WR Andre Johnson is out for sure. Demon's RB Rashard Mendenhall has been disappointing thus far and is now injured as well. This does not hurt the Demons much though, with two other strong RBs in Ryan Matthews and Fred Jackson to fill the void. The Demons are better then their 2-2 record may indicate and are just fractions of a point behind the Ferocious Foxes for the second highest scoring team in the League.

Yahoo Predictions: Lehman Demons win 102.31-84.70
Drew's Prediction: Lehman Demons win

Players to Watch:
Lehman Demons: RB Fred Jackson- Fred Jackson is 4th in the NFL in rushing. The Eagles are 3rd worst in run defense. 'Nuff said.
Dogs of War: RB Beanie Wells- Scott needs another huge day from Beanie against a poor Vikings D.

Ferocious Foxes (3-1, 2-0) vs Angler Pigs (2-2, 2-1)

Husband and Wife square off in this battle for Fantasy Family supremacy. Maria is enjoying a great start to her Fantasy career with impressive wins over Mike's Big Dawgs and the Lehman Demons. The Angler Pigs, meanwhile, continue to be the model of consistency, scoring between 107 and 115 points every week thusfar. Unfortunately, this has not been enough for the Angler Pigs twice, and they sit in the middle of the pack at 2-2. Worse yet, this is the first in a series of match-ups against the top teams in the League, with the Demons on the schedule for next week, followed up by Mike's Big Dawgs after that. With additional problems from Bye Weeks in coming weeks, the Angler Pigs could very well drop to 2-5 before things get better.

Yahoo Prediction: Ferocious Foxes win 99.60-89.72
Drew's Prediction: Drew does not predict his own game.

Players to Watch:
Ferocious Foxes: QB Tom Brady- Brady's favorite target, Wes Welker, is the Angler Pig's best player. Any passes to Welker will help the Pigs more than the Foxes.
Angler Pigs: RB Shonn Green- The RB problems continue for the Pigs. Green has yet to show his worth as a fantasy starter, but the Angler Pigs simply don't have a better option.

White Star Fleet (3-1, 2-0) vs Lehman Demons (3-1, 2-1)

Two of the top teams in the League face-off this week in a high powered matchup. After some injuries and a tough match took Mike's Big Dawgs down in Week 1, they have been on a rampage since. White Star Fleet, on the other hand, suffered their first loss in an upset last week. This pairing is actually good for the rest of the League, as some teams will be able to gain some ground on one of these two. Both teams have some starters that are on the Bye, but the replacement players should fill in pretty well. Yahoo has this a game of inches, with prediction separated by just over a point. Also at stake is the record for longest winning streak so far in League history. Mike's current three game streak matches the three game streak Keith put together early in the season. With a win, Keith will keep his name in the record books, but Mike is looking to take sole possession of that record to go along with his 5 other records.

Yahoo Prediction: White Star Fleet wins 100.69-99.31
Drew's Prediction: Mike's Big Dawgs win

Players to Watch:
White Star Fleet: RB Isaac Redman- From the waiver wire to the starting line up, Redman is a good bye week replacement considering the injury to Mendenhall.
Mike's Big Dawgs- QB Aaron Rodgers- Six touchdowns like last week probably won't happen again, but Rodgers is arguably the best fantasy player right now.

Prediction Records:
Last Week (Week 4):
Yahoo! Predictions: 2-3 (0.400)
Drew's Predictions: 2-2 (0.500)
Yahoo! Predictions: 5-5 (0.500)
Drew's Predictions: 5-3 (0.625)

Oct 5, 2011

Contracts Update: Through Week 4

A busy day in the Commish office as he ignores the fact that he has a Midterm Exam Friday....

the contracts file is up to date through the Week 4 roster changes. The League will attempt to post this on Monday or Tuesday from now on, but offers no guarantees that it will be able to do so. Players are reminded that they are responsible for their own contract information.

Week 4 Rosters

Wednesday Waiver-Wire: Week 5

Before we get to this week's waiver claims, I would like to call everyone's attention to the following rule (4.D paragraph 2) in the Constitution:

" If the bid will force you over either your roster limit or salary cap limit, you must also submit the name of the player or players that you are dropping to make either the roster room or cap room or both."

From now on, waiver bids that do NOT satisfy this rule will be rejected.

With that, here are this week's wavier claims:

Ferocious Foxes:
Tennessee DST: 1 yr, $.25

To IR:
Kenny Britt, TEN WR
Ryan Williams, ARI RB

Red Hawks:
Steve Smith, PHI WR: 5yrs, $.25
Matt Hasselback, TEN QB: 1yr, $2
Victor Cruz, NYG WR: 1yr, $.25

Ronnie Brown, PHI RB
Jabar Gaffney, WAS WR
Leonard Hankerson, WAS WR

White Star Fleet:
Isaac Redman, PIT RB: 1yr, $3
Randall Cobb, GB WR: 1yr, $.25

Javon Ringer, TEN RB
Toby Gerhart, MIN RB

Oct 1, 2011

Week 4 Previews

As we approach the end of the first quarter of the First Season, the theme of the league thus far has been parity. Only one team remains undefeated, and only one is winless. The first two weeks saw a flurry of points on a scale no one quite expected as quarterbacks and receivers league wide went off big time. As we head into the middle part of the season, the waiver wire has heated up and whispers of trade rumors have started to be heard. The next few weeks will begin to separate the league elites and those fighting for good draft picks. Many more surprises are likely, and there is still plenty of time for the top to fall and the bottom feeders to rise.

Red Hawks (1-2, 0-2) vs Angler Pigs (2-1, 2-1)

The long-time rivalry between Angler Pig's owner Drew and Red Hawk's owner Mitchell begins a new chapter with raised stakes as it moves over to the Dynasty League. Rumors had it that these two managers were locked in mid-week trade negotiations that nearly resulted in a deal before talks suddenly broke off. As a result, the Red Hawks will field a similar team to the one that put just under 90 points last week. Meanwhile, the Angler Pigs, who have scored at least 100 points in all three weeks, continue to work the waiver wire and free agent pool to get a better defensive match up and will start their third different DST of the young season. This is an important game for both teams, outside of the obvious rivalry bragging rights that the winner will enjoy. A win for the Angler Pigs would allow them to keep pace with the undefeated White Star Fleet in Division 1, while the Red Hawks could find it difficult to fight back from a 1-3 start should they lose.

Yahoo Prediction: Angler Pigs win 106.07-98.96
Drew does not predict his own games.

Players to Watch:
Red Hawks: WR Sidney Rice- Will the lone roster change for the Red Hawks make a difference?
The Rabid Penguins: WR Mike Wallace- Rumored to be part of the trade-that-didn't-happen, will the Red Hawks regret not getting the deal done?

White Star Fleet (3-0, 2-0) vs The Rabid Penguins (1-2, 1-2)

While the White Star Fleet has enjoyed a white-hot, undefeated start, the Rabid Penguins look, well, sickly. No team has scored fewer points than the Rabid Penguins, while the White Star Fleet is only three points out of first place in the points race. Based on those stats alone, it does not look like Ryan will be able to give his father his first loss. Yahoo, however, does give him a fighting chance, with at least somewhat favorable match ups for the Rabid Penguin's receivers, running backs and defense. Then, of course, there is Mike Vick. So far, his injuries have not sunk the Fleet, but will that luck continue?  The Fleet also enjoys some favorable match ups, so while the Penguins may put up a fight, it probably won't be enough.

Yahoo Prediction: White Star Fleet wins 103.93-91.44
Drew's Prediction: White Star Fleet wins

Players to Watch:
White Star Fleet: QB Mike Vick- He has been banged up recently and could be one big injury away from damaging the Fleet's dominance.
The Rabid Penguins: RB Maurice Jones-Drew- If MJD can get 50 yards and a score before New Orleans pulls ahead, the Rabid Penguins could have a decent week.

Red Dragons (0-3, 0-3) vs Mike's Big Dawgs (2-1, 2-1)

So far, the Red Dragon's points have been like real dragons: non-existent. Mike's Big Dawgs, on the other hand, may just be the most inconsistent team in the league, due in part to some injury problems. The Big Dawgs have scored anywhere from 134 points in week 2, to just 62 last week. Despite that low score last week, they still amazingly got a win in what is now the record lowest scoring match on the young league. Much of the Big Dawg's hope rests on the hamstring of Arian Foster, who Mike gave the top overall contract to after the draft. The Red Dragons will enjoy some favorable match ups though and could manage to pull off the upset. However, there is a reason the Red Dragons are 0-3 and the second lowest scoring team in the league.

Yahoo Predictions: Red Dragons win 92.21-88.64
Drew's Prediction: Mike's Big Dawgs win

Players to Watch:
Red Hawks: WR Marques Colston- He should play after a controversial quick return from a broken collarbone in week 1. Is he really ready to go?
Annihilating Angels: RB Arian Foster- It sounds like he is ready to return full time, but will the hammy hold up?

Dogs of War (1-2, 1-1) vs Annihilating Angels (1-2, 0-2)

The Annihilating Angels once again got annihilated last week, and have been the victim of the biggest blow out of the week two out of three times. After putting up nearly 133 points in Week 2, it looked like the Angels were ready to put their dismal start behind them. However, they only managed 71 points in Week 3 and hit the waiver wire hard this week to try to remedy the problem. The Dogs of War, on the other hand, have shaken up the top of their roster from within. Fantasy beast Ryan Fitzpatrick finally gets the start and should have a good game in a shoot out against Cincinnati. That is unless you believe in the Sports Illustrated curse (the Bills were on the front cover this week) and the fact that Scott is a Bill's fan who is afraid to hope too much after over a decade of Bills misery. One interesting story line to go along with Fitz-magic is the appearance of Bill's receiver David Nelson in the Angel's line up. When adding in points for yardage, a receiving touchdown is worth more than a passing one, so any looks towards Nelson will help the Angels.

Yahoo Prediction: Dogs of War win 96.23-89.07
Drew's Prediction: Dogs of War win

Players to Watch:
Dogs of War: RB Beanie Wells- There is a large injury concern here. Even if he does play, will he be effective?
Mike's Big Dawgs: QB Tony Romo- He injuries have been much publicized and he has done decent despite them. But the Lions are tough, aggressive, and Romo is without his top, maybe top two receivers.

Ferocious Foxes (2-1, 2-0) vs Lehman Demons (2-1, 2-0)

With these two teams, the record for most points in a match (247.20) may very well be in jeopardy. The Demons rank first in points scored, while the Foxes rank third. Adding their average weekly scores, they would come up just short (about 238 points), but they could easily exceed averages thanks to some favorable match-ups. Unfortunately, for the Foxes, however, WE Kenny Britt hit the IR this week after tearing up his knee last week. Britt had been tied with WR Steve Smith for most points on the Foxes' for a non-QB. It can be assumed that fantasy-rookie Maria will insert Smith into the lineup in Britt's place, though Smith's 49 points on the season may be inflated due to a big Week 1 game. The Demons, meanwhile, are taking advantage of the two surprises of the year: the Lions and the aforementioned Bills. QB Matt Stafford ranks third among QBs in scoring, and WR Stevie Johnson is enjoying another great season as the number-one wideout in Buffalo's high powered passing attack. Then, of course, there is Bill's RB Fred Jackson who is also third in his position.

Yahoo Prediction: Lehman Demons win 100.99-99.22 (assuming Steve Smith in Foxes' line up)
Drew's Prediction: Lehman Demons win

Players to Watch:
Ferocious Foxes: RB Chris Johnson- So far, he simply has not gotten it done. He needs to get going if the Foxes are to have a chance.
Lehman Demons- QB Matt Stafford- He has an injury history, got a little banged up last week, and faces a Cowboy's team that leads the league in sacks.

Prediction Records:
Last Week (Week 2) and Overall:
Yahoo! Predictions: 3-2 (0.600)
Drew's Predictions: 3-1 (0.750)