Jul 22, 2012

The Season is Around the Corner

Welcome back to Football! It is late July, and there is a lot to do before our season can get under way...so let's get started. Here is a list of things we need to do, in the order they need to be done:

1. Designate Franchise and Transition tags
2. Resolve holdouts
3. Finalize offseason rosters
  • Make sure all teams are within salary cap
  • Process renegotiated holdouts, tags
  • Trades may occur after this point
4.  Rookie Draft
5. Assign restricted free agents
6. Free Agent Auction (pay dues)
7. Finalize preseason rosters

The first game is Sept. 5, so we have about 6 weeks to do these steps. The Free Agent auction is a live, in-person event and should be held in mid-late August. How does AUGUST 25 sound? Prizes from last year will be awarded at that event and dues for this season will be paid then.

PLEASE join the league if you have not yet. You have an email invitation and will start receiving daily invites until you join.

PLEASE check in by replying to this post and/or emailing me. Once everyone has signed on for this year, we can get started with the offseason activities!

Those of you at Casowasco for the summer-- how long will you be at Camp this year, and what days work best for deadlines? (IE: If you have Saturdays off and can do your holdouts, I will make the deadline for that on a Sunday...)