Nov 20, 2011

Commish Notes

Ten weeks went by with nothing but smooth sailing for our league. Week 11 has been a bit bumpy. So I just wanted to take a moment to keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page.
There was some controversy regarding the trade last week when it was discovered that the trade put one of the teams over the salary cap. The Constitution states that "If a trade does put you over your roster or salary limits you must also drop a player to make the appropriate room. If you are under the minimum roster constraint after the trade, you will be given until the Sunday after the trade is processed to bring your roster up to the 23 minimum limit." (section V.C). This rule does not state when a team must come into agreement with the salary cap, not does it specify a penalty for going over the cap.

In the end, the trade was allowed to stand. It is the first year of the League, we are all adjusting to the salary cap, and the rules were not clear. This is something we will have to address come January when rule changes are allowed. Just as a reminder though, the League is NOT responsible for keeping your team salary up-to-date and posted. It is your responsibility as a manager to know the status of your team when you make roster moves. In other words, should future cap infractions take place, you saying "I did not know I would go over the cap" is not a valid appeal.

Any time I make a ruling, on anything, anyone in the league is allowed to appeal the ruling. If the appealing parties have a valid reason to appeal, I may overturn the decision. If it is a tough call, I will ask the League to vote. I am open to what others think...I am learning about this League and adapting to it as much as you are.
You may also notice that I had to do some Commish adjustments to the Angler Pigs and Rabid Penguins.This was because the Jacksonville DST, which was claimed by the Angler Pigs on waivers, was accidentally picked up the Rabid Penguins. The Rabid Penguins were notified of the adjustment immediately and had no problems with it. Additionally, I had to use the Commish tools to drop the Denver DST, which was a waiver-drop from the Angler Pigs, since Denver's game had already passed. Just a reminder: players from waivers must be picked up by the time their game starts (IV.D paragraph 3).
 We have a problem regarding the Pkayoffs. Yahoo's first playoff tie-breaker is fantasy points scored. Our constitution uses division record as the first tie-break. There is no way to change Yahoo's system. So we have two options: 1) eliminate Yahoo's playoffs, and I will adjust the week 15 and week 16 schedule manually to match our playoffs. 2) go with Yahoo's format and adjust our Constitution come January. Please comment in this blog post with your preferred option. We have a couple weeks to figure this out, but we need to get moving on it asap.
Last but not least, thanks to Keith for updating the contracts file, which can be found here:


  1. I vote for option 2 - use total fantasy points instead of division record as the tie-breaker.