Oct 16, 2011

Week 6 Predictions

No full previews this week...just predictions:

Angler Pigs vs Lehman Demons:
Yahoo: Lehman Demons win, 109.46-99.70
Drew: No pick

Ferocious Foxes vs Dogs of War:
Yahoo: Ferocious Foxes win, 103.16-96.05
Drew: Ferocious Foxes

Red Hawks vs Mike's Big Dawgs:
Yahoo: Mike's Big Dawgs, 101.75-88.72
Drew: Mike's Big Dawgs

White Star Fleet vs Annihilating Angels:
Yahoo: White Star Fleet wins, 103.43-82.38
Drew: White Star Fleet

Red Dragons vs The Rabid Penguins:
Yahoo: The Rabid Penguins win, 90.67-84.34
Drew: The Rabid Penguins

Yeah I know...all the same as Yahoo this week....

Last week:
Yahoo: baaaad (1-3)
Drew: terrrrrible: (0-4)

Yahoo: 6-9 (0.400)
Drew: 5-7 (0.417)

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