Oct 30, 2011

Mid Season All-Star Teams

Half way through the regular season, here are the first and second team All-Stars based on total fantasy points so far this year:

First Team:
QB- Aaron Rodgers, 180.94, Mike's Big Dawgs
RB- Matt Forte, 127.10, Red Hawks
RB- Adrian Peterson, 124.10, Annihilating Angels
WR- Calvin Johnson, 127.90, Lehman Demons
WR- Wes Welker, 119.10, Angler Pigs
WR- Mike Williams, 103.80, Angler Pigs
TE- Jimmy Graham, 97.40, White Star Fleet
K- John Kasay/Jason Hanson (tie), 75.00, Angler Pigs/Annihilating Angels
DST- Baltimore, 104.00, Ferocious Foxes

Second Team:
QB- Drew Brees, 149.04, Angler Pigs
RB- Fred Jackson, 124.00, Lehman Demons
RB- LeSean McCoy, 117.20, Red Hawks
WR- Steve Smith, 98.40, Ferocious Foxes
WR- Greg Jennings, 97.70, Dogs of War
WR- Dwayne Bowe, 74.80, Dogs of War
TE- Rob Gronkowski, 70.47, Lehman Demons
K- Mason Crosby, 73.00, Dogs of War
DST- New York Jets, 98.00, Dogs of War

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